Any day declared to be a holiday by these rules or by a resolution of the Board. The following days are declared holidays on which the Exchange shall be closed: New Year's Day, Washington's Birthday or President's Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Whenever said holiday falls on a weekend the Board may declare either the preceding or following business day as a holiday. Chicago Mercantile Exchange Glossary

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holiday hol‧i‧day [ˈhɒldi ǁ ˈhɑːldeɪ] noun
1. [countable] a day fixed by law on which people do not go to work or school and shops and businesses are closed:

• The Zurich stock market was closed yesterday for a national holiday.

• This Monday is a public holiday in France.

• The London stockmarket will reopen tomorrow after the bank holiday.

ˌbank ˈholiday [countable]
1. also public holiday an official holiday when banks and most businesses are closed; = national holiday AmE:

• The London stockmarket will reopen tomorrow after the bank holiday.

• a quiet bank holiday Monday

2. LAW BANKING a day when banks are closed by law because of problems in the banking system:

• The Argentinian currency lost 20% of its value against the dollar, and a two-day bank holiday was declared.

ˌnational ˈholiday [countable]
an official holiday when banks and most businesses are closed; = bank holiday Bre:

• The 4th of July is a national holiday in the U.S.

2. [countable, uncountable] a time of rest from work or school. Most employees are allowed a fixed number of days each year as paid holiday ; = vacation AmE:

• My secretary's on holiday this week.

• You have to take your holiday by the end of the year.

• Most employees would like to have more holiday entitlement (= the right to take longer holidays ) .

3. [countable] also holidays TRAVEL a period of time spent in a place for pleasure; = vacation AmE:

• They're on holiday in the Caribbean.

• Make sure you have adequate holiday insurance before you leave.

• a popular holiday resort

ˈpackage ˌholiday also ˈpackaged ˌholiday [countable] TRAVEL
a holiday organized by a company at a fixed price that includes the cost of travel, hotel etc:

• The country's tourist industry should switch away from package holidays towards more up-market "cultural" tourism.

4. [countable] a period of time when it is not necessary to make payments that must normally be made
contriˈbution ˌholiday also contributions holiday [countable] FINANCE
a period of time when an employer does not make payments into the pension fund of its employees, for example because it believes there is enough money in it to make necessary payments:

• Larger pension schemes took a complete employer contribution holiday or paid reduced contributions.

ˈtax ˌholiday [countable] TAX
a period of time during which a company does not have to pay tax on all or part of their profits, for example when they first open a new factory. Governments often offer tax holidays to encourage new business in an area or country:

• The Hungarian government gave GM Hungary a 10-year tax holiday.

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holiday UK US /ˈhɒlədeɪ/ noun
[C] UK (US vacation) a time when you are away from home, and can relax, visit new places, etc.: go on holiday »

Are you going away on holiday this year?


Online holiday sales are up 28% compared with the same period last year.


a holiday company


holiday insurance

[C] UK (US vacation) HR a time when someone does not go to work but is free to do what they want, such as travel or relax: »

My PA does most of my work when I'm on holiday.


She had already used all her holiday entitlement.


holiday pay


the summer holidays


How many days of vacation do you get a year?

[C] an official day when most people do not go to work and schools, banks and many businesses are closed: »

Wall Street was closed for a public holiday.


May 1 is a holiday in many countries.

the holidays — Cf. the holidays
[C] UK FINANCE a time when you do not have to pay something that you usually have to pay: take a holiday from sth »

If you are in financial difficulties, ask your bank whether you can take a holiday from interest repayments.


a tax/contribution/mortgage holiday

See also BANK HOLIDAY(Cf. ↑bank holiday), CONTRIBUTION HOLIDAY(Cf. ↑contribution holiday), NATIONAL HOLIDAY(Cf. ↑national holiday), PACKAGE HOLIDAY(Cf. ↑package holiday), PUBLIC HOLIDAY(Cf. ↑public holiday)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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